Martyn Dolby  
IT is indeed an honour for myself and my club Blackstones for me to be elected to the position of President of the Northamptonshire Bowling Federation for the next two years and I will endeavour to uphold the traditions and high standards set by my predecessors.


We have been through a very difficult time over recent years mainly due to the Covid pandemic, together with the sad loss of friends and colleagues, including our Immediate Past President.

I must therefore give due credit to all our clubs and their members who have shown great patience and resilience throughout this period. We should also thank our team of ‘executive officers’ who have worked tirelessly to keep the NBF wheels turning under very difficult circumstances.

Hopefully we are now back on course and my best wishes go to our county team captains and all of our members for a successful and enjoyable time during my tenure.

Martyn Dolby



THANK you for choosing me to be your President for the 2024 season. I feel very honoured and am looking forward to working with your excellent committee.

Unfortunately, we do not have a Deputy President at the moment, but I know Shirley, as our past President, and the committee will help and support me

My thanks go to Shirley for passing over lots of useful information over the past year which I know will help me enormously.

Hopefully, with your continued support we will be able to keep both the Donald Steward and Silver Jubilee Vase teams going this season.

I look forward to playing and working with you all and hope to see many of you at the finals at Lincoln and Skegness.

I hope you all have an enjoyable and successful season.

Elizabeth Hext