Wins in Norwich give Northants women a boost

Wins by both the Northants women’s Federation county teams at Norfolk gave them a real boost in sweltering conditions but may have come too late to qualify in the Donald Steward and Silver Jubilee Vase competitions.

Northants play title favourites Suffolk on July 11 in their final matches at Peterborogh and by then will probably need maximum points and for other fixtures to have gone in their favour.

However, with temperatures soaring both five-rink teams did magnificently to maintain their form and composure, with the Donald Steward team winning 123-99 at County Arts BC and picking up 17 valuable points.

The Vase team claimed 14 points in a 12-shot overall victory at the Carters venue under the flight path of Norwich Airport.

Results (Northants names only):

Donald Steward Trophy (at County Arts BC): Norfolk 99 (1pt)
Northants 123 (17). F. Richardson, C. Grief & L. Darani won 22 – 15; T. Tinklin, E. Hext & S. Craig drew 22 – 22;N. Squires, W. Harrold & S. Moir won 27 – 25; E. Wallace, S. Suffling & C. Ford won 25 – 22; M. Osbourne, K. Browning & G. King won 27 – 15.

Silver Jubilee Vase at RG Carters BC). Norfolk 124 (4) Northants 112 (14). P. Collicott, L. Toms & H. Bass lost 19 – 28; H. Holroyd, J. Kendall & E. Barr won 24 – 23; V. Slater, J. Needham & J. Phillips won 29 -18; M. Holden, C. Warters & W. Humphreys lost 19 – 23;
T. Handley, P O’Brien & V. Du’Kett won 33 – 20.

After beating Norfolk in Norwich, Northants women have made one change for the visit to March Town on Wednesday (July 4) to play North Cambs in the Donald Steward Trophy.

Doris Flowers (Yaxley) replaces Wendy Harrold in Sue Moir’s rink, alongside Norma Squires.

Team: F Richardson, C Grief, L Darani; T Tinklin, E Hext, S Craig; N Squires, D Flowers, S Moir; E Wallace, S Suffling, C Ford; M Osbourne, K Browning, G King. Res. J Padley.