Sarah Newson leads multiple winners in Federation finals


For the second successive year, Parkway’s Sarah Newson won multiple finals at the Northants Federation finals, writes Bob Warters.

She qualified for the national championships in Skegness next month in the two-bowl singles, the pairs with Mum Val (pictured above, right) and then combined with Val again and Whittlesey Manor’s Pete Brown to win the mixed triples.

Brown stepped in at the last minute for Sarah’s Dad Jeff, who suffered a recurrence of the back injury that has been plaguing him recently, during the trial ends.

The trio reshuffled during the 21-end match to see off the challenge of Blackstone’s Paul Bailey and husband and wife Trevor and Jenny Harris 18-9. With Val she had a tight tussle with Parkway clubmates Karen Martin and Julie Masters before emerging 15-14 winners.

In a repeat of last year’s 4-bowl singles Sarah turned the tables on Langtoft’s Sue Moir 21-17.

It was a memorable day for the host club, less than three years in existence but already with a green and facilities as good as any in the region.

So how appropriate it was that Malcolm and Norma Squires, who did so much behind the scenes to provide such a great welcoming venue, along with City of Peterborough club members and green-keeper Peter Leaton, who celebrated his 78th birthday on the day, that both qualified for the national finals with respective wins in the Secretaries and women’s senior singles.

Club mates Linda Darani ( women’s Secretaries singles), Graham Jackson and Roger Martin (Senior pairs) also won through as an impromptu fly-by from the Red Arrows display team lit up the blue skies above the green with a splash of scarlet and white.

It was also a great day for the village club at Ketton, whose trio of Carol Warters, Shirley Suffling and Christine Ford completed a notable double to take both the 3-bowl and 2-bowl triples against Blackstone’s Rita Downs, Jenny Harris and Sharon Bailey and Ketton colleagues Valerie Du’Kett, Peggy Birch and Elaine Upton 21-9 and 21-15 respectively.

Another dual winner was Neil Wright (Parkway) who featured In a dramatic 4-bowl singles with Martyn Dolby (Blackstones). He was behind 8-14 and 14-19 on the challenging rink 6 before trailing the jack for a full house only to see Dolby spring the jack on the next end.

With the scores level, Dolby held three on the 25th end but was devastated by Wright’s last bowl which wrested his closest bowl away for the match.

Wright also figured in a runaway 3-bowl triples win over Whittlesey Manor with partners Ean Morton and Simon Law, while Stephen Harris (Blackstones) won the Under 25 singles and produced an outstanding last bowl to share the Under 25 pairs with Darren Middleton.

Sheila Craig (Conservative) also secured two spots at Skegness in a 2-bowl singles defeat of Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) and in the pairs with Pat Bussey against Suffling and Ford.

Finals results

Women’s Senior pairs – S Craig/ P Bussey (Conservative) beat S Suffling/ C Ford (Ketton) Women’s 4-bowl singles – S Moir (Langtoft) lost to S Newson (Parkway) 17-21; Women’s Secretary Singles – P O’Brien (Deeping Assn) lost to L Darani (City of Peterborough) 7-21; Men’s Sec. singles – M Ramsden (Empingham) lost to M Squires (C of P) 18-21; Men’s Champion of champion singles – G Agger (Broadway, Yaxley) lost to H Shipp (Parkway) 17-21; Women’s C of C singles – J Butcher (Whittlesey Town) beat C Pell ( Crowland) 22-17.

Under 25 Singles – J Corney (Whittlesey Manor) lost to S Harris (Blackstones) 16-21; Women’s Senior Singles – N Squires (C of P) beat V Hempsell ( Yaxley) 21-14; Mixed pairs – M Cullingworth/ A Cullingworth (Langtoft) lost to C Morton / S Law (Parkway) 14-19; Women’s 3-bowl triples – J Harris/ R Downs/ S Bailey (Blackstones) lost to C Warters/ S Suffling/ C Ford (Ketton) 9-21; Women’s pairs – K Martin/ J Masters (Parkway) lost to S Newson/ V Newson (Parkway) 14-15; Men’s 4-bowl singles – M Dolby (Blackstones) lost to N Wright (Parkway) 20-21.

Men’s 2-bowl triples – S Reynolds/ J Harford/ / M Robertson (Parkway) beat T Corney/ T English/ S Wilson (Whittlesey Town) 25-11; Men’s 3-bowl triples – P Dalliday/ R Stevens/ M Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) lost N Wright/E Morton/S Law (Parkway) 5-18; men’s 2-bowl singles – G Agger (Yaxley) lost P Cox (Langtoft) 16-21; Men’s Veteran singles – M Duell (West Ward) beat N Hill (Yaxley) 21-7; Women’s 2-bowl singles – S Craig (Conservatives) beat F Richardson ( C of P) 21-7; Senior mixed pairs – L Kemp/ A Kemp (Conservatives) beat L Darani/ R Martin (C of P) 21-16.

Men’s pairs – N Wilkie/ P Buckley (Blackstones) beat J Ruddy/S Fenlon (West Ward) 20-13; Women’s 2-bowl triples – C Warters/S Suffling/ C Ford (Ketton) beat P Birch/ E Upton/ V Du’Kett (Ketton) 21-15; Mixed triples – S Newson/ V Newson (Parkway) P Brown (Whittlesey Manor, sub for J Newson) beat J Harris/ T Harris/ P Bailey (Blackstones) 18-9; Men’s Senior Pairs – M Cullingworth/ R Montgomery (Langtoft) lost to G Jackson/R Martin (C of P) 13-14; J Corney/ Z Brown (Whittlesey Manor) lost to D Middleton/S Harris (Blackstones) 17-16.

Dan Duffy Trophy final: Broadway, Yaxley lost to Blackstones 75-79. (Yaxley names first): J Cooper, D Flowers, A Cooper lost to R Downs, P Bailey, P Buckley 18-19; S Dale, L Sharp, E King lost to S Harris, D Miller, J Earl 14-29; P White, J Padley R Heath beat W Morris,M Pye, A Warrington 20-17; J Scurfield, G King, T Belson beat M Stokes, P Martlew, M Dolby 23-14.


Finals day makes City of Peterborough debut

The finals of the Northants Bowling Federation men’s and women’s championship will be held for the first time on Sunday (July 17) at the City of Peterborough Bowls Club, in the shadow of the City hospital in Bretton where hopefully no blood will be spilled and only reputations may suffer bruising!

Several players will be making multiple appearances, including Ketton’s Shirley Suffling and Christine Ford in the women’s senior pairs and alongside Carol Warters in the two and three-bowl triples.

This is due to cause only mild headaches for the organisers who are planning four sessions for individual competitions from 10 am followed by the final of the four-rink Danny Duffy team trophy between Broadway(Yaxley) and Blackstones at 6pm.

Other women making multiple appearances include the evergreen mother and daughter duo of Val and Sarah Newson (Parkway) in the pairs and 2-bowl singles (Sarah). Val’s husband Jeff joins them in the mixed triples against Paul Bailey with Trevor and Jenny Harris (Blackstones).

Among those making dual appearances in the men’s events is Langtoft’s Malcolm Cullingworth, combining with his wife Ann in the mixed pairs after defeating former winners Jonathan Earl and Rita Downs (Blackstones) 21-10 in the semi-finals on Sunday.

Yorkshireman Cullingworth, who has taken a rest from outdoor league bowls for the first time in 42 years, will also partner Richard Montgomery in the senior pairs, where they face another two-time finalist Roger Martin who plays with City of Peterborough clubmate Graham Jackson and also partners Linda Darani in the Senior mixed.

Yaxley’s singles specialist Graham Agger will contest both the two-bowl (against Peter Cox) and champion of champions competitions (Howard Shipp), aiming to improve on defeat suffered in the club champions event last season.

General secretary of the City of Peterborough BC, Malcolm Squires, says his members are rallying round to ensure the finals will be an event to remember with a green in peak condition and with marquees for food and drink and to offer some protection should bad weather intervene.

Players will be hoping they can perform with surgical precision to secure some silverware as well as avoiding adding insult to any injured pride.

Finals schedule

10am: women’s Senior pairs – S Craig/ P Bussey (Conservative) v S Suffling/ C Ford (Ketton); Women’s 4-bowl singles – S Moir (Langtoft) v S Newson (Parkway); Women’s Secretary Singles – P O’Brien (Deeping Assn) v L Darani (City of Peterborough); Men’s Sec. singles – M Ramsden (Empingham) v M Squires (C of P); Men’s Champion of champion singles – G Agger (Broadway, Yaxley) v H Shipp (Parkway); Women’s C of C singles – J Butcher (Whittlesey Town) v C Pell ( Crowland).

12 noon: Under 25 Singles – J Corney (Whittlesey Manor) v S Harris (Blackstones); Women’s Senior Singles – N Squires (C of P) v V Hempsell ( Yaxley); Mixed pairs – M Cullingworth/ A Cullingworth (Langtoft) v C Morton / S Law (Parkway); Women’s 3-bowl triples – J Harris/ R Downs/ S Bailey (Blackstones) v C Warters/ S Suffling/ C Ford (Ketton); Women’s pairs – K Martin/ J Masters (Parkway) v S Newson/ V Newson (Parkway); Men’s 4-bowl singles – M Dolby (Blackstones) v N Wright (Parkway).

2pm: Men’s 2-bowl triples – S Reynolds/ J Harford/ / M Robertson (Parkway) v T Corney/ T English/ S Wilson (Whittlesey Town); Men’s 3-bowl triples – P Dalliday/ R Stevens/ M Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) v N Wright/T Scarr/S Law (Parkway); men’s 2-bowl singles – G Agger (Yaxley) v P Cox (Langtoft); Men’s Veteran singles – M Duell (West Ward) v N Hill (Yaxley); Women’s 2-bowl singles – S Craig (Conservatives) v F Richardson ( C of P); Senior mixed pairs – L Kemp/ A Kemp (Conservatives) v L Darani/ R Martin (C of P).

4pm: men’s pairs – N Wilkie/ P Buckley (Blackstones) v J Ruddy/S Fenlon (West Ward); Women’s 2-bowl triples – C Warters/S Suffling/ C Ford (Ketton) v P Birch/ E Upton/ V Du’Kett (Ketton); Mixed triples – S Newson/ V Newson/ J Newson (Parkway) v J Harris/ T Harris/ P Bailey (Blackstones); Men’s Senior Pairs – M Cullingworth/ R Montgomery (Langtoft) v G Jackson/R Martin (C of P); J Corney/ Z Brown (Whittlesey Manor) v D Middleton/S Harris (Blackstones).

6pm: Dan Duffy Trophy final: Broadway, Yaxley v Blackstones.

Raffle prizes welcome.


Above:Ketton bowlers feature in both women’s triples events.They are pictured at Sunday’s match between their club and the Federation: from the left (seated) Shirley Suffling, Peggy Birch, Christine Ford (standing) Sue Moir (Langtoft), Valerie Du’Kett, Carol Warters. Elaine Upton will also compete for Ketton.

Adams team must wait for Suffolk re-match

Northants Adams Trophy team must wait to know their fate in the Southern section of the national competition after securing 19 of the 22 points available against North Essex at Whittlesey Manor.

With the match between title rivals Suffolk and lowly North Cambs called off at Tilney St Lawrence because heavy rain allegedly made the green unplayable, it means that the teams have less than a fortnight to re-arrange it.

It leaves Suffolk knowing they need to win at least by 17-5 to secure a place in the national finals at Skegness next month.

Against North Essex Northants Adams team won on four rinks with a 204-154 total.

while Peter Brown’s trio went down 24-32 after leading 10-0 while recalled Paul Buckley’s rink picked up two shots on the last end to claim a draw with 26 apiece.

The Blackstones combination of Stephen Harris, Martyn Dolby and Jonthan Earl took the rink honours 45-18 and there was a 37-22 victory for Nick Wilkie and Roger Martin joins for his Adams debut by Mike Humphreys.

Result (Northants names only):

Adams Trophy: Northants 204 (19 pts) North Essex 145 (3). S Roden, J Holroyd, G Agger won 32-24; S Harris, M Dolby, J Earl won 45-18; A Warrington, B Lawrence, P Brown lost 29-34; N Wright, T Belson, L Welsford won 35-17; R Stevens, P Bailey, P Buckley drew 26-26; N Wilkie, M Humphreys, R Martin won 37-22.

x x x
Northants Newton Trophy team finished the season in style with an 18-4 defeat of North Essex to take them above last year’s national champions Lincolnshire, into third spot behind Norfolk and Suffolk in the southern section.

They never looked likely to surrender the match points after taking a 91-59 lead after 15 of the 31 ends and finally ran out 184-125 with Mick Duell, who claimed his county badge flash, skipping Les Sharp making his 50th county appearance and Howard Shipp to the rink honours 39-11.

Elsewhere there were wins for skips Brian Bassam, Roger Strong and Brian Swann, whose lead Jim Ruddy collected his 50-match tie. There was also a similar milestone achieved by Peter Jessop, who lost his 100 per-cent record after five successive wins. He was partnered by Cliff Watson, who collected his 250-match tie, and county president Bob Warters, who paid tribute to the team’s efforts during the season.

Results (Northants names only):

Newton Trophy (at Parkway): Northants 184 (18) North Essex 125 (4). A Grief, P Holmes, F Addy lost 19-32; J Martin, M Greaves, B Bassam won 31-26; L Sharp, H Shipp, M Duell won 39-11; J Ruddy, P Afford, B Swann won 41-17; B Warters, C Watson, P Jessop lost 20-23; J Corney, M Squires, R Strong won 34-16.

Images from the scrapbook: 1992

While sifting through old copies of Northants Bowling Federation minutes, we came across these images from the 1992 County Diamond Jubilee match against an invitation team which featured several internationals including David Rhys-Jones, John Ottaway, Roy Cutts and Mal Hughes as well as ex-boxer Dave ‘Boy’ Green, the former British and European welterweight champion, and snooker player Mark Wildman.


(click on image to enlarge)

Top picture: Northants, from the left (back row ) D Westwood, P Edwards, E Kew, J Phillips, T English, F Roberts, P Bavister, E Eagle, B Plowman , W Redhead, T Mace. (front) M Stratton, P Warters, A Horton, T Morton, R Morton, F Addy, G Wiles.

(click on image to enlarge)

Above: Representative team: from the left (back row) R Cutts, R Redstone, M Hughes, ‘unknown’ , M Wildman, D Racy, S Smith, J Ottaway, G Harrington, D Broadhurst, K Green. (Front) C Mills, V Hadder, Mrs B Morton, D Rhys-Jones, Mrs G Edwards, Mrs J Duffy, D Green.

If you have any old images of the Federation you would like us to consider for sharing, please contact one of the Federation officials.

Adams Trophy repeat now out of our hands

The Northants’ Adams Trophy team can afford no mistakes if they are to have a last chance of reaching the final of the English Bowling Federation national inter-county championship, which they won last year.

And even then the outcome is out of their hands.

After taking 18 points from Hunts at the weekend, they face a final home match against league strugglers North Essex on Saturday at Whittlesey Manor and only by taking the 22 points available over six rinks of two-bowl triples will it give them a slim chance of a place at the Skegness finals.

Nearest rivals Suffolk are on 82 points with Northants on 80. If even one Northants rink is beaten it could spell the end of their championship campaign, so captain Fred Richardson still has some tough decisions in his team selection.

Following Suffolk’s latest 22-0 home defeat of North Essex, at least 18 points at North Cambs in their final match will put the southern area title beyond Northants reach. But that is no easy prospect on the difficult and exposed Tilney St Lawrence surface.

Said Richardson: “Even if we take maximum points, as we should against North Essex, we cannot do anything about what Suffolk might achieve at North Cambs. But Tilney is a difficult place to go and get maximum points, it won’t be easy for Suffolk. We can only hope our neighbours will do us a favour.”

Against Hunts, the Northants Adams team, which Richardson re-shuffled in a bid to maximise the opportunities at his disposal, rarely looked likely to lose the 10 overall points but pressure mounted on every rink to deliver their respective two points to keep their championship hopes alive.

Rinks skipped by Lee Welsford, Pete Brown and Tris Morton rarely looked likely to concede their contributions while Stephen Harris, Jonathan Earl and the recalled Martyn Dolby had to dig deep in the last six ends to snatch a 28-26 win after trailing by three shots in the closing stages.

Whether the respective 27-31 and 25-33 losses by the usually dependable rinks skipped by Graham Agger and Martin Welsford, will prove crucial, only time and the record books, will tell.

Results (Northants names only):

Adams Trophy (at Brampton Institute): Hunts 147 (4pts) Northants 170 (18). S Roden, J Holroyd, G Agger lost 27-31; N Wilkie, S Law, T Morton won 35-19; S Hrris, M Dolby, J Earl won 28-26; N Wright, T Belson, L Welsford uwon 29-21; R Stevens, P Bailey, M Welsford lost 25-33; A Warrington, B Lawrence, P Brown won 27-17.

x x x

On a slick, wind-affected St Ives surface, Northants’ Newton Trophy team found the conditions much to their liking and quickly raced into a 40-shot advantage at the halfway stage.

None were prepared to concede rink points, with captain Brian Bassam claiming three on the last end to pinch his points 27-25 as Northants triumphed overall 221-133. They claimed a maximum 22 points – though sadly, it was too little too late to assist their chances of qualifying for the final stages, following defeats by Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire.

For the third successive match Bob Warters, Cliff Watson and the outstanding Peter Jessop took the rink honours with an overwhelming 47-11 victory to extend their season’s unbeaten run going into this week’s hosting of North Essex at Parkway in the closing fixture.

Newton Trophy (at St Ives): Hunts 133 (0) Northants 221 (22). J Ruddy, P Afford, B Swann won 41-25; A Grief, P Holmes, F Addy won 36-26; J Corney, M Squires, R Strong won 44-20; L Sharp, M Humphreys, M Duell won 32-26; B Warters, C Watson, PJessop won 47-11; J Martin, M Greaves, B Bassam won 27-25.

x x x

Northants’ women bowlers completed their inter-county fixtures on Monday with two defeats by Norfolk. The senior Donald Steward picked up just two points in a 17-shot loss at County Arts BC, while the Silver Jubilee Vase second string went down by a 26-shot margin, picking up four points from the 18 available.

Results (Northants names only)

Donald Steward Trophy (at County Arts). Norfolk 122 (16 pts) Northants 105 (2).
K. Browning, L Toms, N Squires lost 14-34; S Suffling, D Flowers, J Masters lost 17-22; S Moir, V Hatch, S Craig won 35-15; A Cullingworth, J Phillips, J Padley lost 23-26; E Barr, C Ford, H Bass lost 16-25.

Silver Jubilee Vase (at RG Carters BC). Norfolk 128 (14) Northants 102 (4).
Northants 102 shots 4 points v Norfolk 128 shots 14 points

C Warters, P Collicott, J Ford won 23-13; M Linnell, J Duffy, V Du’Kett lost 16-29; G Edwards, W Harrold, V Hempsell lost 13-40; M Osbourne, J Needham, S Dale lost 23-24; P Birch, G King, A Cooper won 27-22. BW

Encouraging win for Silver Vase team at North Essex

With a disappointing series of results behind them, Northants Women’s second string Silver Jubilee Vase team were given an encouraging lift with the defeat of North Essex on an undulating Castle Headingham green, taking 14 of the 18 points available.

No such fortune for the senior Donald Steward Trophy side, beaten on all rinks at Haverhill – and by 53 shots overall.

Donald Steward (at Haverhill): North Essex 136 (18 pts.) Northants 83 (0): K Browning,F Richardson, N Squires lost 20-22; S Suffling, D Flowers, J Masters lost 17-18; S Moir, V Hatch, S Craig lost 10-30; A Cullingworth, J Phillips, J Padley lost 17-32; E Barr, C Ford, H Bass lost 19-34.

Silver Jubilee Vase (at Castle Hedingham) North Essex 98 (4) Northants 116 (14):
C Warters, R Mace, P O’Brien won 30-17; M Linnell, J Duffy, V Du’Kett lost 15-24; G Edwards, V Hempsall, W Harrold won 27-22; M Osbourne, J Needham, S Dale won 25-13; J Cooper, P Birch, G King lost 19-22.

Both Northants teams are due to play Norfolk in their concluding Southern Area matches at County Arts BC (Donald Steward) and Carters BC (Silver Vase) on Monday (July 4). Bus leaves Peterborough and District BC at 9.30am.

Adams re-shuffle for visit to Hunts

Northants Adams Trophy captain Fred Richardson is ready to re-shuffle his team for the visit to Hunts on Saturday after being handed a lifeline to re-capture the title the county won so dramatically for the first time in its history.

Following the defeat by Lincs at Whittlesey Manor two weeks ago, Northants’ chances looked slim in their bid to win the southern area qualifying league and make it to the Skegness finals in August.

But Lincs’ subsequent one-shot defeat by Suffolk puts Richardson and his men back in the frame and near maximum points for the matches at Hunts and home to lowly North Essex, could be enough to get them through.

Against Lincs at Stanton, Suffolk trailed for much of the match and though six shots up at 20 ends were three behind at 25 with six ends to play across six rinks.

However, when David Brown claimed a shot with his last delivery of the 31st end, despite a 27-33 defeat, it was enough to wrest the match 166-165 and land 16 of the 22 points at stake.

It leaves Richardson with a possible maximum of 106 points available for his team, while Suffolk, with two big wins at home to North Cambs and away to North Essex could reach 104.

Richardson plans to draft in fresh faces for the trip to Brampton, while Northants Newton team captain Brian Bassam will field the same team at St Ives that lost so narrowly against Lincs at Peterborough City BC.

X x. X

In Northants Federation individual competitions, the championships for both men and women have reached the semi-final stage ahead of the finals due to be played for the first time at City of Peterborough on July 17.

However, among those already through to the finals are Sue Moir (Langtoft) and Sarah Newsom (Parkway) in a repeat of last year’s four-bowl singles. Moir beat Sharon Green 21-18, while Newson beat Fiona Richardson 21-15.

The final of the women’s senior singles will be between Viv Hempsall (Yaxley) and Norma Squires (C of P) who beat Ketton bowlers Chris Ford and Pam Plowman respectively 21-15 and 21-19.

In the men’s events Blackstones hopes of a player in the semi-finals of the blue riband 2-bowl singles ended when both Paul Buckley and Jonathan Earl lost 8-21 and 17-21 to Martin Welsford and Keith Burrows respectively. Welsford now plays Peter Cox at Langtoft who beat C of P’s Mick Humphreys 21-18, while Burrows faces Graham Agger (Yaxley).

Consolation for Earl is that with mixed pairs partner Rita Downs he has reached the semi-finals with a 20-16 defeat of Buckley and Shirley Suffling. They will meet last year’s finalists Malcolm and Ann Cullingworth, who beat Mick and Vi Hatch 19-11. In the other half, the holders, Simon Law and Chris Morton (Parkway) entertain John and Moira Holroyd (Stamford Town).

In the Senior mixed Dick Noble and Sheila Craig beat Bob and Carol Warters 20-16 and will face Roger Martin and Linda Darani (C of P) whose quarter-final was conceded by Joe Martin after a fixture clash.

X. X. X

Ketton and Blackstones have won through to the semi-finals of the prestigious Dan Duffy four rink inter-club championship after respective defeats of Crowland A (84-58) and last year’s finalists Whittlesey Manor (84-57). They will visit Yaxley and holders Parkway on July 7.

X. X. X

Ketton Bowls Club is still looking for one team to complete their gala day (four-player) rinks event on July 6 (9.30am start) with prizemoney of £100. Entry fee per team is £12 (contact Glenys Edwards 01780 720411). BW

Ketton girls guarantee Skegness finals

Ketton Bowls Club has become the first in the county to guarantee a place in the English national championships at Skegness in August after both its surviving women’s two-bowl triples reached the county final, where one of them will represent Northants Federation.

In one semi-final Valerie Du’Kett, Peggy Birch and Elaine Upton (nee Novak) who won the national under 25 singles 30 years ago, travelled to the tricky Peterborough Conservative green but dished up a fine performance to topple Ann Reynolds, Barbara Talbot and Linda Kemp 23-14.

Victory for Carol Warters, Shirley Suffling and Christine Ford was not quite as straight forward, having to re-arrange their match with last year’s finalists Liz Hext, Pat Bussey and Sheila Craig when their own green flooded.

Fast-draining Blackstones helpfully provided an alternative and after Ford deftly drew the scores level on the penultimate end when facing a three count against her, Hext sprung the jack on the final end only for Ford to draw to within inches for the 22-21 matchwinner.

Ford’s rink also reached the 3-bowl triples semi-final with an 18-13 defeat of Fiona Richardson, Norma Squires and Linda Darani and will meet Freda Thomas, while Sharon Bailey’s Blckstones trio (who defeated Kath Roden 11-10) will play Julie Masters’ three.

Du’Kett’s hopes, however, of also reaching the 4-bowl singles final were dashed when she lost 8-21 to Sharon Green (Peterborough & District). BW

Setback for Northants in Adams repeat bid

Northants’ hopes of retaining the Adams Trophy they won last year for the first time in their 82 year history, suffered a setback at Whittlesey Manor when they were beaten at home by Lincolnshire 166-160, claiming only six of the 22 points at stake with just three winning rinks.

With an unbeaten run of four games completed, the result puts Lincs in the driving seat to regain their grip on reaching the finals at Skegness in August with just Suffolk (away) and the Southern League whipping boys, North Cambs (at home) to play.

For Northants, with no game this week and Hunts and North Essex to come, they must rely on Lincs slipping up at Suffolk and concentrate on taking maximum points from their remaining two fixtures.

Home-based father and son skips, Martin and Lee Welsford, each won on their rinks by two and 12 shots respectively while Northants’ other win came from the equally dependable Steve Roden, John Holroyd and Graham Agger 27-17.

Commented deputy Northants President and current national senior pairs champion Tony Mace: “It was a disappointing result for us but up to the last few ends it could have gone either way. The rinks skipped by Jonathan Earl and Roger Martin never hit their stride and were always playing catch up.

“Overall the team did well to reduce a deficit of 25 shots at 20 ends to only two at one stage but Lincs proved very determined to hold on.”

Northants’ Newton Trophy team were unlucky not to turn the tables on Lincs on their first appearance at the new City of Peterborough green which was prepared in superb condition.

With just one end of the 31 scheduled to play and three of the six rinks still in contention, Northants held a narrow lead. But four shots conceded over those closing stages proved crucial and the match was tied at 168-apiece. However, by winning on four of the six rinks, Lincs took the overall points 13-9.

Much credit must go to the rink of Malcolm Squires, one of the key figures in establishing the City club in 2015. Playing with Jack Corney and Roger Strong the trio trailed 11-30 after 20 ends and looked destined for drubbing. But they stuck to their task, used the opportunity to switch positions as the rules allow and finally lost by only 11 shots to put their side in with a shout.

Elsewhere Mick Duell skipped Les Sharp and new county badge claimant Mike Humphreys, to a 32-25 win while Bob Warters, Cliff Watson and Peter Jessop maintained their 100 per-cent record with a 35-17 triumph.

Results (Northants names only):

Adams Trophy: Northants 160 (6 pts) Lincolnshire 166 (16).N Wright, T Belson, L Welsford won 34-22; S Roden, J Holroyd, G Agger won 27-17; N Wilkie, P Buckley, P Brown lost 27-32; S Fenlon, B Lawrence, R Martin lost 23-37; R Stevens, P Bailey, M Welsford won 31-29; A Warrington, S Harris, J Earl lost 18-29.

Newton Trophy: Northants 168 (9) Lincolnshire 168 (13). J Ruddy, P Afford, B Swann lost 25-31; L Sharp, M Humphreys, M Duell won 32-25; J Corney, M Squires, R Strong lost 23-34; B Warters, C Watson, P Jessop won 35-17; J Martin, M Greaves, B Bassam lost 28-31; A Grief, P Holmes, F Addy lost 25-30. BW

Still little respite for Northants women

Hopes of Northants women securing victories over close rivals Lincolnshire were dashed in Peterborough when the visitors won both the Donald Steward and Silver Jubilee Vase clashes.

At the Peterborough and District Club, the senior side claimed only one winning rink – Shirley Suffling, Doris Flowers and Julie Masters winning by 16 shots – in an overall 99-111 defeat in which they conceded 16 points in their continuing disappointing Southern League campaign.

Over at Parkway, the Vase outfit – featuring several changes following last week’s defeat by Hunts – were slightly more successful with two winning rinks and a tie, but couldn’t quite close the four-shot gap over 25 ends.

Results (Northants names only)

Donald Steward Trophy: Northants 99 (2 pts) Lincs 111 (16). K Browning, F Richardson, N Squires lost 21-22; S Suffling, D Flowers, J Masters win 27-11; S Moir, V Hatch, S Craig lost
17-23; A Culingworth, J Phillips, J Padley lost 14-29; E Barr, C Ford, H Bass lost 20-26.

Silver Jubilee Vase: Northants 105 (5) Lincs 109 (13). C Warters, M Landsburgh, P O’Brien lost 14-24; M Linnell, E Wallace, W Harrold drew 22-22; R Mace, J Duffy, J Ford lost 17-21;
M Osbourne, Joyce Needham, S Dale won 22-17; J Cooper, P Birch, G King won 30-25.

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