Re-shuffle by Harford for Derbyshire Trophy

Following their maximum points defeat of Northants B, the Northants A captain James Harford has still re-shuffled his team for the visit to Wisbech on November 25 (10am) to play North Cambs in the second series of Derbyshire Trophy matches.

Martyn Dolby has recovered from his fitness issues to retain his spot at skip with Stephen Harris and Tony Scarr, while Trevor Collins joins Roger Martin’s rink in place of the unavailable Adam Warrington.

Bob Warters replaces Nick Wilkie as lead on Tristan Morton’s rink.

Northants A: P Dalliday, J Harford, S Law; S Harris, T Scarr, M Dolby; B. Warters, J. Newson, T. Morton; M. Humphreys, T Collins, R. Martin.