A MESSAGE from NWBF president Vivienne Hempsell and the Executive Committee.

This pandemic is something which in our lifetime we have never had to experience. However, what is emerging from the situation is we must all accept unconditionally the need to work together and support each other.

The NBF and the NWBF executives are working closely with the EBF to ensure the best outcome for the safety of all its members, sometimes making strong decisions for the continuation of bowling and your personal safeguarding.

Can I ask you whenever possible to regularly check the EBF and the NBF websites for information and updates on the way forward, ensuring that members who cannot access the internet are also kept up to date.

The NBF and the NWBF are also in discussions regarding the various county and competition fees paid and full details will be forwarded to club secretaries shortly. These will also be posted on the NBF website in due course.

Decisions, sometimes unpopular, will have to be made, and we ask you to be understanding and to adhere to these for your protection physically, mentally and financially if bowling from grassroots upwards is to survive. Please make an extra effort to keep in contact with your club members and make sure no one is left isolated during the difficult months ahead.

We will be monitoring the situation closely, and if possible will try to arrange a get-together later in the year.