Setback for NWBF at North Essex

Following their opening win against Huntingdonshire, Northants’ Donald Steward Trophy team had high hopes of a bright season. But it suffered a setback when they were beaten this week away to North Essex (145-71), claiming just two of the 16 points at stake.

However, the county’s Jubilee Silver Vase squad turned their fortunes around and following defeat at Hunts, picked up maximum points from their visit to the Sudbury Club where a fast surface proved much to their liking in a 159-86 triumph.

Only the Ketton trio of Elizabeth Wallace, Shirley Suffling and Christine Ford emerged with points at the Cornard Club, while it was Veina Slater, Pat Jones and president Jess Phillips who claimed the rink prize for the Silver Vase team, with a 46-12 win.

Results (Northants names only):

Donald Steward Trophy (Cornard BC): North Essex 145 (16 pts) Northants 71 (2). W. Harrold, F. Richardson & L. Darani lost 11 – 26; S. Moir, V. Hatch & J. Masters lost 9 – 33;
N. Squires, E. Hext & S. Craig lost 13 – 41; E. Wallace, S. Suffling & C. Ford won 24 – 17; M. Osbourne, K. Browning & G. King lost 14 – 28

Silver Jubilee Vase (Sudbury BC): North Essex 68 (0) Northants 159 (18). P. Collicott, L. Toms & H. Bass won 27 – 23; H. Holroyd, J. Kendall & E. Barr won 23 -19; V. Slater, P. Jones & J. Phillips won 46 – 12; M. Holden, C. Warters & W. Humphreys won 36 – 9; T. Handley, V. Du’Kett & J. Padley won 27 – 23.

Both Northants teams are on the road again on Monday for the visit to Norfolk – the Donald Steward at County Arts, the Vase at Carters. Transport leaves Burton Street at 9.30am.

Donald Steward: F Richardson, C Grief, L Darani; T Tinklin, E Hext, S Craig; N Squires, W Harrold, S.Moir; E Wallace, S Suffling, C Ford; M Osbourne, K Browning, G King. Red V Hatch, D Flowers.

Vase: P Collicott, L Toms, H Bass; M Holden, C Warters, W Humphreys; H Holroyd, J Kendall, L Barr; V Slater, J Needham, J Phillips; T Handley, V Du’Kett, J Padley.


Only pride will be at stake when Northants Federation men’s teams travel to Huntingdonshire for their latest inter-county matches in the Adams and Newton trophies on Saturday.

Following defeats by Suffolk and Lincs both sides are out of contention to compete at Skegness in August but both captains are building for next season.

Jon Earl has yet to name his Adams team to play at Sawtry, after a handful of players dropped out but Newton captain Cliff Watson has named his team for the Needingworth visit as follows: Martin Stokes, Richard Allam & Malc Squires; Fred Addy, Brian Bassam & Barry Lawrence; Les Sharp, Zac Brown & Dick Noble; Roger Stevens, Jeff Clipston, & Fred Richardson; Sean Fenlon, Jim Ruddy & Mick Greaves; Peter Cox, Bob Warters & Peter Jessop.