Setback for Northants A at Huntingdon

Northants Federation ‘A’ team retained their position at the top of the Derbyshire Trophy inter-county championship, despite suffering a 90-64 defeat at the hands of near neighbours Hunts They conceded all but three of the 14 points on offer.

It was a disappointing performance against a home side, weakened by international calls on some of their best players but still able to take full advantage of a slower, newly-refurbished surface at Huntingdon IBC.

Northants had started well and held an overall three-shot lead after 10 of the 25 ends but saw it fritter away to a deficit of five just a handful of ends later, despite Jeff Newson’s rink leading 16-8.

As Federation rules allow, rinks skipped by Martyn Dolby and Simon Law, re-shuffled their positions in an effort to find a spark of form but neither were able to make an impression.

Brian and Roger Martin and Newson, however, went on to win by six, while Tristan Morton played some outstanding conversion shots to keep his rink in contention. They trailed 10-15 after 16 ends and were eventually rewarded with one shot on the final replayed end to salvage a point from a 17-17 draw.

Northants A complete their programme with home matches at Stamford IBC against Lincs and Norfolk.

Results ( Northants names only):

Derbyshire Trophy (at Huntingdon): Hunts 93 (11 pts) Northants A 64 (3). B Martin, R Martin, J Newson won 23-17; N Wilkie, T Scarr, M Dolby lost 15-23; P Dalliday, J Harford, S Law lost 11-33; B Warters, M Humphreys, T Morton drew 17-17.


Northants B suffered a 160-57 defeat against Lincolnshire in their latest Derbyshire Trophy match where internationals Billy Jackson and Jonathan West contributed to their misfortune.

But it was home specialist George Draper and his relentless rink who caused the most misery, scoring 30 shots without reply inside 11 ends on the slick Lincoln IBC carpet against Brian Bassam, Mick Greaves and Graham Agger before completing 25 ends 55-8 ahead.

It was a similar story for Jonathan Earl who conceded 13 shots in five ends midway before losing 14-40 to Trevor Bannister’s trio. President Dick Noble’s rink dropped a maximum six on the 20th end, contributing to their 15-40 defeat by West.

The experienced senior triple of Les Sharp, Ray Keating and Mick Linnell put up a gallant performance against Jackson, picking up four shots in the last two ends to only lose by just five.

Results: (Northants Names only):

Derbyshire Trophy: Lincs 160 (14 pts) Northants B 57 (0). B Basson, M Greaves, G Agger lost 8-55; M Squires, C Watson, D Noble lost 15-40; R Allam, J Holroyd, J Earl lost 14-40; L Sharp, R Keating, M Linnell lost 20-25.